My beginning of life

Hi everyone,so…At the beginning I must say that I’m not that good in English,the reason is because I live in a whole different country so forgive me on some mistakes.I won’t say which country it is but maybe I will write about it in the future.My life is not boring but it’s not that interesting,I just need someone who can listen to my life stories so I decided to make a blog and write about it.I hope it will be interesting to you,I really do.I don’t know how all this works but I’ll figure it out,I hope so.

Let me say something about me.My name is Anna and I’m 14 years old,soon I will be 15.I have a younger step sister,but I call her my lil sis because she’s the world to me.I also have an older brother,he’s not cool.He sits at the chair in front of the computer and play games every single day.I mean,I can’t tell that i don’t love my brother,I love my familly,but he’s weird.Don’t think that I’m saying he’s weird because he’s used to play video games,I don’t,lot of people does that,but…He doesn’t have that much friends and he’s not friendly.I would like to help him,I tried,but he can’t change.He doesn’t want to.

I know you’re probably thinking,oh there’s another boring blog of a boring girl that makes blog site her diary,totally lame.But believe me,this is just a beggining,it will be a lot interesting when I get used to it,when I get comfortable.That’s it for today,hope you liked this.Bb. :)