California Rapper Daren Todd Writes, Records and Releases a New Song Everyday for Two Weeks

What started as a challenged evolved into a journey.

You couldn’t sit there and write like that everyday forever,” someone dared, and the spark of an idea was born.

Daren Todd, a 25 year old rapper and musician hailing from a tiny town on California’s Central Coast, Lompoc, has never been one to let the impossible stop him. With a budding career as a recording artist and a line of self designed pocket tees and five panel hats (for sale this Summer on, Daren is more of an entrepreneur and less of a dreamer these days, even if he began with only an idea.

The Daren 7:16 Project was born out of a sense of urgency,” Daren explains when asked about the meaning behind the name. The Project, which features fourteen unique songs created over the course of fourteen days, and contains subject matter spanning from money to love to starting a new career, is a perfect view into the life of a hard working every-man with a big dream. “The 7:16 alludes to two things, first to common phrase ‘24/7’ — meaning I wanted to spend every free minute I had on my music, and second to the well known bible verse John 3:16, and how its often used as a key to salvation in the Christain faith. For me, and for other musicians and rappers these days, the key to success is repetition. The sooner we become the best we can at our craft, the sooner we learn to take our art the next level, all of the success that so many people focus too much on, will come.”

Daren speaks with the air of a confident man wise beyond his young face and tweny five year old frame. Daren is supported by his collaborative group of recording artists and producers that make up the Fresh Ink Music label, (, and together with fellow rappers Jayke (@wheresjayke) Inla’kesh (@in_la_kesh) and Scott Hennessy (@ScottyHenny) are working vigorously to spread their music across California and then the country.

You can listen to the Daren 7:16 Project here:

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