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The majesty that is Chocolate by Tyler Hurd

And other fascinating thoughts about Virtual Reality, as told in an interview to FilmInk.

What is the exact nature of your role at Viacom?

We are Viacom NEXT, an R&D group within Viacom who are creating, producing, and exploring Virtual Reality (VR) 1as it pertains to entertainment. We’re the guys who are being tasked to see where the industry as a whole is headed, to go to where the puck is going and not where it is, to mangle a famous Wayne Gretzky quote.

It’s clear to us that a new medium is being invented, complete with all the requisite uncertainty and chaos. We rapidly-prototype through the affordances of VR to find out what…

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Photo by Jake Hills

A rant about the distribution of attribution in collaborative mediums.

I can’t remember exactly when I wrote this but it was years ago, under the influence of coffee and rage; then quickly published on an old blog, only to be republished again on my relatively-newer-but-still-old-and-now-abandoned blog in 2013. Some of the references are dated, but the sentiments are still as valid and current. I’m re-posting this now on Medium after watching ‘Hollywood’s Greatest Trick’ and feeling that similar rage, though with considerably less coffee.

A curious coincidence, but the past few weeks have been riddled with serendipitous discussions on the ‘Auteur Theory’. The last straw was today, while I was…

David Shiyang Liu

Creative Director, VR at Viacom NEXT. also ex-filmmaker. game designer. Oddball Generalist. Formerly EA Maxis, CMU ETC. All opinions mine.

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