Regrets, Resolutions, and Potential

When we’re all laying on our death beds one day, we all know what we’re going to be talking about to the ones who are surrounding us — regrets.

Doesn’t that just sound horrible though if you think about it? Now there may be certain circumstances where it would make sense to do so. But for the sake of my case let’s pretend that you’re at the end of a long life, and you’re about to pass on due to old age. How sad would it be to be there at the end of a long life and talk about nothing but regrets. Wouldn’t that make it seem like that long life that you just lived was a waste?

All of us have regrets, there is no doubt about it. But if those regrets begin to overwhelm us, then we’ve got to change something! Living in regret is a hell on earth.

If you’re not to that point, which I hope and pray you’re not, imagine living a life where the main things that go through your mind are based around the question of “what if?”. Where you basically are always thinking in past tense because “potential” for the future doesn’t even seem like an option. That entire state of mind, to me, is not even a state of living. By saying that, I’m referencing the famous Oscar Wilde quote where he says that living is a rare thing because most people merely exist. Well if your entire mental state of being is in the past, which is no longer a reality, then you are only existing in the present.

Without going deeper and deeper into the topic of regret I will simply say that regret NEEDS a resolution. Is it an easy thing to do? Probably not, but it may surprise you sometimes. Most think that to resolve a regret that they must essentially do the thing that they regretted not doing. That is one way of doing it. Another way is to move on. Move on with your life. Live in the present. Work towards the future. I can guarantee that in doing so, you will find that resolution.

To help make more sense of this concept, here’s a personal example:

Several years ago, I made some mistakes in my life. Because I didn’t handle those mistakes the way I should have, I cheated myself at an opportunity that I had waited my entire life for. I regretted my mistakes for a very long time after the opportunity was well in the past. But then one day, I met my wife. Had I been able to take that opportunity, I wouldn’t have been anywhere near where I was when I met my wife. Did it justify the mistakes I made in the past that prevented me from taking that opportunity? Absolutely not. However, meeting my wife became my resolution.

Since I met my wife, I have felt a huge difference in my mindset and can honestly say that I went from dwelling on the past, to living for the future. Having a family of my own has been my motivator to keep moving forward, always trying to better myself and seek to find my true potential. I have so much to improve, but I definitely like who I am today 100 times more than the person I was 4–5 years ago.

To wrap this up, the main point I want to make is that when you find resolutions to your regrets, and seek out your true potential, that is when you will find true happiness. It’s a joy beyond anything else. It’s a feeling of not necessarily knowing where you’re going, but knowing that you’re on the right path and that no matter what, everything’s going to be alright. It’s a feeling of coming out of the darkness into the light. It’s a feeling I wish for everyone to experience. Now take the step and change your life for better.