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Paris is the City of Hardware

Paris is going to host next Startup Weekend Maker Edition as Part of the Month Edition in May 2015

Event takes place in Paris 17 at Becoworking, 8–10 May. Book your tickets here :

As the time moved from rudimentary systems to public place like that big fat clock on the Church, it also improved, from the roman sundial to the SwissMade clock. Now time is everywhere. On your TV, on you oven, on your car. Time is just a feature on every object while it used to be the main feature a great and central objects.

Internet is going the same. From Arpanet to Google Fiber, it’s getting better. It’s also spreading. We used to go in internet cafe to find some. Then we had this ADSL-powered IBM personal computer with an AMD 400mhz processor. Now we have Wifi to connect our Ipads. 4G is bringing broadband to our phones and some little connected objects. Your watch use Bluetooth Low Energy to connect with other objects. Also, SigFox raised billions to connect every single piece of hardware out there. This is the Internet-enabled Hardware.

This is a big deal. In a glimpse we are going to wake up in a world so different. Everything is going to be friction-less. My fridge will be aware that I’m around and get my breakfast in place. My car know what is going to be my next appointement and check for the fuel. If there isn’t enough, I will be warned on my watch or by some clever house-assistant that I have to leave earlier and pass by the station. This is a new world, and it needs awesome entrepreneur.

Paris already host some of the most awesome Hardware Startup, Withings self-quantified, Parrot’s drones and many others like Lima, Netatmo. An hour from there you will find Giroptic, the 360 cam. Speaking of IoT, France has the first mover advantage and this ain’t gonna stop tomorrow.

Séverin Marcombes, 28, founder of Lima

We are the team bringing Startup Weekend Maker Edition to Paris and this is our Manifesto. This is why we think Paris is the place to be to make a Hardware company. This is why we think a Maker Edition in the heart of this city make sense.

Hardware is the new Sexy

CES 2015 had a floor covered with French Hardware. Connected Shirts, connected watch by Withings, even a connected Belt ! Everybody is now looking at the CES like the place where will be launch the next big thing. Forget about barcelona’s MWC, it’s so 2010. Nothing amazing comes out from the mobile industry nowadays. Now it’s coming from the hardware. Are you speaking of some Web Startup ? So 2007. Now everybody is going B2B on the Web. The Web itself is a market. When was the last Web Startup that disrupted our lifes ? I don’t even remember.

Now it’s about disrupting our real life. This is about having an impact on my everyday life. We are looking for self-driving car, and smart-everything. We want to focus on what matters, not on the road in front of us. And there is where hardware makes a difference.

Paris is a Hardware Startup launchpad

Engineers everywhere. Best engineers in the world I heard. One of my Facebook friends reported an overheard conversation in the Valley : “You understand we have the smartest people in the world here, it s not like in New York”. This is fun also. American tech industry is bringing back that epic rap battle “West Coast against East Coast”. Let them rumble. There is thousands of engineers in Paris. Thousands of scientist working to make the most innovative company out there. Engineers are building our new world. You will find business guy everywhere in the world. It’s easy to be a Warren Buffet wanna-be. But being an engineer is rocket science.

We also have the smartest people of the world coming to our city thanks to an open Visa Policy. As well as you can find food from every place in the world, you can find founders from everywhere in the world. Looking for an industry expert? There must be one.

This is an easy to connect eco-system. There is initiative like France Digitale, promoting and connecting our best Startups. You will find conference where it’s easy to connect. More than 400 events a year for sure, but also some high quality conference like Paris Founders or the Connected Conference (soon to come!). Every night there is a dozens of meetups where you can find developers, hardware specialists, lean ninjas or growth hackers.

Makers + Entrepreneurs = AWESOME

Okay, so, what’s the heck with Makers if we are speaking of Hardware Startup ?
The Makers community has a lot to learn to young entrepreneurs. Basically, it’s people that applied to hard industry some concept that comes from the software industry. Agile Software applied to the car industry ? They did it. Open Source applied to electronic-industry ? Call it Arduino. Call it RepRap’s 3D printers. Everything is possible.

You could think Makers are tech-saavy people, like engineers, or developers. This ain’t true at all. Most makers we met are coming from soft-skill like marketing or others. They actually are people who decided to make things by themselves. You remember that cliché with a male fixing the house with a mere drill. This is the handyman. A Maker is just the same guy but in 2015. He might use a drill again, but he will also use a Raspberry Pi to connect his flush to some house dashboard.

They are the new inventors. If you want to discover that world, just attend Paris’s Maker Faire. You will see amazing things. Robots everywhere.

A Maker is somebody that acts rather than speaks. A Maker know that a prototype worth a thousand word. That’s why every team at Startup Weekend’s sundays night will have a prototype. I’ve organized two Startup Weekend Maker Edition before and everytime, the most amazing prototype always won the game. This is entrepreneurship by action. 100% no-bullshit, thoses guys are not trying to get funded by networking at LeWeb. They want to show off with an amazing prototype and say : “It’s a life changer and it’s working right now”.

A Maker believe that nothing is impossible to him. It’s not about having faith in yourself. It’s just about ignoring outside message telling you what you can or can’t do. Just fucking do it. No matter that you are not good at welding. No matter that you know nothing to transistors. No matter that you aren’t an engineer. Make it. Build it. If you try hard enough you will make it.

There comes the never-sleeping entrepreneur. This is the guy that is going to keep moving forward anyway. He might fail, but will keep moving forward until he succeed. He might even find thousands way of failing before finding the one that works #Edison. Anyway he will keep moving and will finally succeed.

Hardware Startup Scene need the Makers. There will be some of them at Startup Weekend’s Maker Edition. You will be able to be coached by amazing Makers. You will have an ephemeral fablab made by Makers. Even one of them, Bertier Luyt will be at the Jury’s desk.

It’s time to show off. It’s time to gather all in one place and make something together. It’s tome to move forward. Build, Create, Make. Be a Maker, Be an Entrepreneur.

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