Meetup to #Resist

It seriously warmed my heart to see Meetup taking a stand like this. Thank you for trying to use your platform as a way to unite people against hatred. Thank you for choosing the side of reason and morality instead of waiting to pick sides once someone was winning.

There are many arguments here about how inappropriate it is for an organization like this to ‘choose a side’. Well. It’s inappropriate in a time when misinformation and hate is being popularized by a brilliant marketing machine to sit by and let it happen. It’s refreshing to see a stand like this being taken with full knowledge that many users will react strongly and negatively. Frankly, I’d love to hug everyone involved.

Resist is not a violent word. It is determination to stand fast and do what’s possible to stop bad things from happening to others. To be vigilant about the rights and freedoms (homosexuality, reproductive rights, etc, etc) that were slowly earned over the last 20 years being stripped away in the mucked up name of the rights and freedoms of others. To protest against innocent families being torn apart by overzealous and unethical immigration policies.

Thank you, Meetup for standing with love. My heart is bigger because of your choice, and I hope you resist the anger in responses here and stand fast in your commitment to opening your arms to all.

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