Hey there Dance Fam, Happy New Year!!! It’s brand a new decade, a chance to reveal in the wave of fresh starts and use it as momentum to make things happen for you! But as we all know, for us to make any real progress, we must take a step back and learn from whence we came. And so, this post is just that, my 2019 learnings. And without further ado, here we go:

1. Want More for yourself

Now this, was not an obvious lesson for me because I have always considered myself to be a very ambitious person. However, in 2019 I discovered that in some aspects of my life, owing to a few disappointments I had faced in the past, I had become inclined to not ask for more. I was settling for what I thought at the time was just fine. And for me, that’s a problem because eventually, I stopped trying as hard for the things I truly wanted. Case in point, my dance career took a back seat in 2019 because I was hustling and figuring out this adulting thing and boy oh boy did it take a toll on me. Granted I needed the break from the dance scene because now I am back with a fresh perspective and ready to take on the world. But whoosh, it could have gone either way if I didn’t catch myself.

2. You are you, and that’s your power

Now this I have known to be true for a while now but it was reaffirmed to me a million times over in 2019, more so in the last quarter. Opportunities unraveled themselves in such a way that proved to me that being myself is my magic. (It’s your magic too, you just gotta believe it)! Too many times do we shrink ourselves, dim ourselves, limit ourselves all in the name of ‘fitting in.’ Please, no more. And don’t confuse this for me saying you should not work on yourself especially your toxic traits and weaknesses because you really should. I’m not saying any of us is perfect. What I’m saying is, don’t change the little quacks about you because, that’s your secret ingredient, and that’s what makes you extra special.

3. Plan, Plan, and Plan some more

I’m certain this was one of my learnings in my previous blog-post of my 2018 lessons. However, it still stands. It’s pretty simple really, if you do not plan, you plan to fail. Now I know some of you are reading this and already countering it in your minds like, but plans change and blah, blah, blah. That’s all very true but that also supports my point of, the type of plan you set up will determine whether or not you fail or succeed. Be flexible with your plans when life happens and calls for it, but plan nonetheless. You’ll get a lot further in life than when you are simply winging it.

4. Ask for help

This one I will admit does not come naturally to me. I don’t know if any of you can relate. I prefer to figure things out on my own because, one I hate to put anyone out, and two, I like to think I am superwoman and can do it all. Lol! Granted I probably can handle a lot, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but 2019 taught me that it’s okay to ask for help. I learnt that sometimes, asking for help gets things done in half the time and in the end, you achieve way more than you had anticipated/hoped. Ask for help from the right people and you will be pleasantly surprised.

5. Care Less

Now for this one, if you don’t read it all the way through, you might be wondering, is she seriously trying to convince us that being heartless is a good trait to have? Well no, that’s not what I mean. By care less I mean, you know those petty things that occupy our minds that are really irrelevant but that if we feed into can end up taking over all our time and energy? Yes, those are the ones I’m telling you to care less about. Care less about what others may be thinking/saying about you, more so when it comes to gossip, because it really is none of your business what their thoughts are. I also learnt that more than half the time, people who are busy talking negatively about you, are projecting their own internal struggles. In short, their words really have nothing to do with you and everything to do with them. Not to mention the added bonus of seeing their reactions when they realize you genuinely could care less. Ha! Basically, all I am saying is, mind your business and stay hydrated.

That’s it for now. Talk very soon. And be on the lookout for more content on all my platforms in 2020.

As Always,

Love & Light,

The Dancing Biochemist.

Professional Dancer & Medical Biochemist

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