Hey there Dance Fam! I’m happy to be writing to you again in what I plan to be a consistent monthly post this year. Currently reeling from my recent vacation to the coast that gave me the energy boost to keep at it with my 2020 goals!

Making major money moves this year because why not? Less dreaming, more doing.

Drinking strawberry yogurt because slurp! Yum, yum!

Watching for the umpteenth time, the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise! Damn, do I love me some Captain Jack Sparrow! Arrgh!

Wanting another vacation yet I’ve just come back from the most fun one just yet! Lol! I love me a good scenery, cocktails, good music & chill vibes!

Looking forward to all the dancing that awaits me this year. I plan on being more intentional with my dancing. Follow me on my social media platforms to stay updated on any upcoming shows, videos, blogposts and all-around fresh content. (@njokiwairua & @thedancingbiochemist). Ps. Really been killing it on TikTok as I’ve already gone viral twice yet it’s been less than a month of posting! Yaaasssss!!!

Playing Travis Scott’s Highest in the Room. The whole vibe is just life. It’s been on replay!

Wasting no time planning and planning and planning. For all the little and big events in my life! Because not planning is planning to fail. And the best part of it all, so far, I’ve been managing to keep up to date with the follow through part of the game! Action is everything!

Wishing I could go back to the me in 2018 who was so anxious about life after college and simply reassure her that everything really will be okay.

Waiting for the year to unfold with all my dreams coming to fruiting and me levelling up tenfold cause this really is our year!

Enjoying the yummy pancakes, I just made. Extra fluffy and with just the right amount of sugar!

Liking my new wholesome financial outlook. Previously I was so strict on myself that I saved like my life depended on it and never really enjoyed spending it without unreasonable fear that I will run out of money. But now I save with a purpose and have learnt to enjoy spending my money guilt free. This is everything!

Loving the patience, I seem to have mastered the last few months with people and things that would previously drive me up the wall! Inner peace is everything!

Hoping that I do not lose my momentum for taking on the year, but more than certain I won’t because we have set up measures to ensure we do not! Because this world is for the takers and I am ready to go on and get mine.

Marveling at my journey thus far! I truly am a testament to everything happens at the right time and in the right way!

Needing a new phone because we plan to shoot a ton of fresh and fly content this year and so we really do need the right ‘equipment!’

Smelling the new herbal tea flavors, I stalked up on! Berry Blast be the plug though!

Wearing my dancer shorts, dancer tee, socks, because as I always say, comfort is everything!

Noticing that I have become a lot more peaceful in every aspect of my life and I couldn’t be happier. Peace, we all need peace.

Knowing deep down that everything that I desire shall come to pass if I let go and let God.

Thinking about all the little things that make me happy and simply grinning at myself. From the smell of freshly made pancakes, to hearing my favorite song, to the I was just checking up on you call from my dear friends. Ah, the little things, really do matter!

Feeling loved, happy and grateful.

Giggling at the most hilarious meme my friend shared with me recently.

That’s all folks! Until next time!

Love & light,

The Dancing Biochemist!

Professional Dancer & Medical Biochemist

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