How Donald Trump restored my faith in God

Donald J. Trump — Could be the 45th US President

As a teenager I lost hope and faith and sight of God. I became an agnostic at age 15. Donald Trump has restored my faith in Christianity.

I have been skeptical of god ever since a teenager. I strongly believe that I lost my faith in God because of Public school it lead to me losing faith in God because of the indoctrination. I hated public school it caused my to develop Anxiety and Depression. I didn’t have many friends growing up. I was always the lone wolf as a teenager. I only talked to people who had respect for me. I have always been introverted ever since a child. I’ve become more of an Ambivert these last few years. I am very sociable when I’m around the right people. Now when I look back at my past I believe that i was introverted because I was around the wrong sort of people it made me feel so alone , so disconnected. I detested the environment so much it made me question why was I forced to be in this school.

All throughout my time at Public school I had no sense of direction it felt as if I were heading for oblivion. These terrible years I had experienced during my teenage years had costed me so many of my years and this is exactly why in future I will not be sending my future children to Public school.

I first started secondary school in autumn 2001 until I left in the summer of 2006. I felt so lost and confused after I left school. I had no aspirations or any goals. I felt so empty for many years. I witnessed such a truly dark time in 2008. I started to develop suicidal thoughts.

I will always remember around 8 years ago I decided to take a walk in the park. Just to take my mind of things. I sat on a bench just sitting there just taking in the nature around me. I was so deep in thought. As I sat at the bench a Dog had jumped up on me. I could sense that that dog could feel the mental anguish. It’s true what they say about dogs , they really do have a sixth sense of picking up emotion.

In early 2011 I discovered Taoism. I looked at it because I was finding myself more skeptical about spiritualism. When i started reading into Taoism I was so fascinated by it and it lead to me reading The Tao Te Ching and after reading it I thought of it being such a beautiful spiritual ideology it had many wonderful verses and the book itself is based on Wisdom and It has taught me so much from reading it. After reading the book fully it has questioned my belief and religions identity. However Taoism itself is not a religion it is more of a Philosophy. I have my profound respect for Lao Tzu who is the founder of it. But it’s no christianity.

I will always retain the ideas of Taoism. I am a born again Christian and that's because of one man Donald J. Trump.

It’s a strange yet amazing but I sense this strong positive aura around Donald Trump. I feel his energy and when you really listen to him speak at his rallies. He creates a feeling of hope. I strongly believe that God has chosen Donald Trump to restore Christianity.

The history of Christianity I admit hasnt exactly got a pretty past but Christianity itself has been reformed and it much like it was before those evil satanists infiltrated Christianity. l strongly believe that in the past Christianity was facing times where people following a bible that was rewritten by evil people who wanted to cause problems in society and those problems lead to many historical disasters and problems such as hanging of gay men , women accused of being witches and burned at the stake.

I believe God wants every good person to lead to a happy life.

I am a gay man but I believe in God and there are many christians who abhor Homosexuality for one but i strongly believe that God doesn't really care who you love or have sex with as long if you remain faithful and devoted to them.

I also believe that God wants everyone to get married and especially same sex marriage.

It’s time we the Generation Y’ers out there restore Christian faith in the western world. Christianity is at great risk of dying because of the evil elite who want to dismantle it. The elite are behind Hillary Clinton and they are all descendents from people who tarnished christianity. This is exactly why I’m supporting Donald Trump , he wants to save it and take it back into the right direction it once was. It’s time to save the Western World !

A vote for Donald Trump is a vote for peace , prosperity and restoration to our westernised world !

Support Donald Trump for POTUS !