Five Key Ways As To How You Can Boost Up Your MAC

The mention of the term beach ball brings back memories of the beach or even a baseball game. The other area where one often runs into this term is the aging MAC book pro, where the spinning beach ball has become quite familiar. Now, just in case your MAC has becoming alarmingly slow, there are ways as to how you could speed it up again. It is common at this stage to seek maintenance, but we suggest that it is better to display caution and back up your data. You intend to boost up MAC and we are ready to offer you a guide.

Replace the MAC hard drive with SSD

All this while you were perhaps using a traditional spinning hard drive, but we say that you must migrate to the solid state drive or SSD. That is perhaps the best way to improve the performance of your old MAC book. I myself tried out the process of replacing MAC book pro 500 GB hard drive with the Samsung SSD. The whole process was quick and hardly took me about half an hour.

Take this opportunity to add more memory (RAM)

You are opening the MAC book to replace its hard drive. It is here we suggest that you take this wonderful opportunity to add more memory or RAM. You could always go ahead with the process on your own, but just be aware of the right type of memory for your precise MAC book model. The brand is never an issue, because you just have to purchase the precise amount, type and also speed. Just focus on this criterion and it could be any brand.

Clean your MAC hard drive

We spoke to a top professional offering MAC data recovery and they stressed on the need to clean up MAC hard drive. It is over the years that you may have cluttered the files and the MAC book often requires a cleanup. A part of the process involves that you uninstall the old files, which are not in use as of today. If you feel that some apps are tough to uninstall, just move them to the trash. However, the big unused files just need to go. Now, the applications that you are using on a daily basis require some clean up.

Reduce log in items

The MAC may just be too slow to boot up and the problem lies in the fact that there just may be too many applications to open, up front. You need to reduce the log in items and the key will be to go to the system preferences initially. You could then click on to the login item tabs and highlight the apps, which you do not require. It is then a simple process where you need to click on to the minus sign button

Keep current with OSX

You will love to hear that Apple has released the new versions of OSX. These can certainly be used as free upgrades and we find no reason as to why you should not want to stay current. The newer versions boost up performance, safety and keep your MAC running smoothly.