Things to Do When Your Computer Gets a Virus

Cyber security has become major cause of concern in today’s world. The internet has only added to the problem. We might download something from the internet and the next thing that we know is that we have also downloaded a virus. Such viruses and malware remain in our computer undetected and we only seem to notice them when they have started to do damage to our computer. However, a lot can be done to save your computer from the hands of such a virus. In the following article we would be looking at some of the ways you can protect your computer and the valuable data stored it from the hands of a computer virus.

Taking the Right Precaution — Creating Back Ups

This is probably the oldest advice that almost every computer user on the planet might have heard! But the thing is this is one advice that you must follow. You must create backups of your files. Put your files on a pen drive, external hard disk or a CD. You can even put the files on a cloud storage system. This way, even a virus damages your computer, you would still have your files.

Things to do When Virus Attacks

  1. Disconnect Your Computer From the Network — After you have detected a virus, the first thing that you need to do is to disconnect the computer from the network. Disconnect internet, Ethernet or any other such connections. This is necessary as the virus might be a malware and it might transmit private and sensitive data from your computer to a hacker sitting elsewhere. Therefore, you must disconnect the device.
  2. Shut Down Your Computer — Now a virus or a malware might still wreak havoc inside your computer, even if the computer is disconnected from the network. To prevent that from happening, you need to shut down your computer properly.
  3. Build Rescue tools to scan your PC — If you have a thumb drive or rescue drive you might tell your computer to boot from it. You need to a scanner installed on the drive as that would make the scanner to search for virus or malware before windows load. This leads to more effective virus detection and you can keep your data safe.

What to do if you still lose your data?

Now, there might be instances, where you can still lose the data even after taking such precautions. In such a situation you need to get in touch with a professional data recovery company. If you are in UK, then you would have access to a number of professional data recovery companies UK who would help you to recover the data stored in the device.

These reputed names in data recovery UK use the latest and the most technology to recover the data and that increases the chances of a successful data recover, even from a device which is completely ravaged by a malicious virus. So take the proper actions to protect your computer and get the services of the experts in data retrieval UK to keep your data safe and sound.