It’s Actually Complicated.

Ok so here’s my deal. I’ve known this guy for 11 years we’ve slept together off and on throughout the years, even when the 2 of us we’re in serious relationships (he married myself engaged). But we’ve never been in a relationship with each other. we met up the other night, spent the night with each other, he mentioned to me how he misses the married life. He is totally a guy I would have a relationship with I just don’t know how to go about having it.

This is a very complex scenario, indeed.

Most men form concrete habits when it comes to dating. In this scenario, the gentleman stepped away from his wife, in order to interact with you. This shows his mentality and culture when dealing with relationships.

It is natural to presume that his actions were personnel based, but I am willing to say that his infidelity is a personal character issue, regardless of the woman he is seeing. These are factors to weigh when considering entering into a new relationship with this man. You may have a deep sense of commitment to him, but there is no telling if this new dynamic will be strong enough to change his ways.

I hope this helps. For further information, consult chapters 16–18 in The Dating Man’s Mind