Long Distance Lovers

Anonymous said:

My boyfriend of 3 mo was laid off from his job in summer and found a 10 month contract job across the country on the east coast. He wanted to just be friends. We talk about 2 times a week. He asked me to join him for vacation last month. It was great, like we hadn’t been apart! He said his new boss would like to extend the contract up to 3 years. We’re back to talking twice a week but I miss him and still want to try a relationship again. Any insight to his thoughts? Suggestions for me?

Long distance relationships can be quite difficult.

They take constant communication and effort on both sides. As the guy focuses on his newfound work responsibilities, he may lose focus on the relationship.

His actions will determine his true feelings. Maintaining the twice a week phone call or even increasing the frequency of communication will be a great signifier of his intent. If the communication slows down it may signal that he is no longer placing the relationship as a priority. It may take some time for him to settle in and fall into a routine. Once he does, your inclusion in that routine will become of predicator of your next move.

Just a little insight.