Do Prodigies Exist in Nigeria?

Prodigy: an unusually gifted or intelligent (young) person; someone whose talents excite wonder and admiration (AED)

I used to be a part of a school of thought that strongly doubted the existence of anything called PRODIGIES simply because they appeared to be a pigment of the white man’s elaborate scheme to make black people seem overly inferior to their levels of intelligence.

Oh well, I was proved wrong, time and time again.

Over time, I began to hear about exceptional little beings, [black, Asian, Latino, and more] who weren’t white and were real prodigies.

I even recently found a Nigerian Prodigy: Esther Okade who knows Maths/Algebra like die!!! [Yuck]

Esther Okade, British-Nigerian Algebra Whizkid (Image Credits — Google)

But with that doubt cleared and the truth of that issue established, you begin to wonder why I took the pains to write this piece:

Yesterday afternoon while I was doing dishes in my room, I got thinking about this little kid whose video I had just recently watched who was classed a rare Prodigy (9 year old Tanishq Abraham — at the time) as he was already studying in College at 9 and was leading several classes at such a young age. Then I began to quiz myself on why we have no prodigies in Nigeria?

Don’t get my thinking twisted: I have never said that we don’t have Nigerians who are classed as Prodigies, all I am saying is that we have not seen a Prodigy attending a certain UNILAG or OAU or UNIPORT or UNIBADAN or UNIBEN. All the Nigerian Prodigies we have seen are attending a high school in London or a middle school in America.

Why is it like this?

My thoughts are still blurred, and my vision is shunted.

I think I need help here.

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