If you are into landscaping then buy a heavy duty grass strimmer for effective brush cutting

If you are into landscaping, gardening or forestry, you may be requiring landscaping help such as grass cutters or grass strimmers for heavy duty work. The same tools would also be required to shape garden lawns and landscapes. If you plan to buy a grass strimmer for your professional use you will require a heavy duty strimmer, preferably gasoline-powered, for the job. The gasoline powered grass strimmers are preferred due to their versatility of movement over the landscape or garden area. The engine which powers the strimmer is located in the machine itself so it is easy to carry around while cutting grass. A cable powered strimmer is not suitable for this purpose because its arc of operation will be restricted according to the length of the power cable that supplies the power to the strimmer.

A heavy duty strimmer powered by petrol is more suitable as it can also take various blades meant for grass strimming. Grass strimmers usually come with a monofilament line attached to the cutting head, but may not be strong or powerful enough to cut heavy duty grass. They may be good for cutting soft plants and grass but not forceful enough to cut woody plants, thick bush, and tough tufts of grass, small stumps, weeds and brambles. In the line of forestry work, you will face these things when you take up the landscaping work and only the gasoline powered heavy duty grass strimmers capable of taking metal blades onto its cutting head would be suitable as they are very powerful and decimate tough grass and brush with ease.

The grass strimmer that can take a blade can also take the revolutionary accessory The Decimator, the latest grass strimmer with cable reinforced cutter and the BesserTrim Professional Head, which can fit onto any heavy duty grass strimmer that can take metal blades. Versatility is the feature of The Decimator as it can cut any of the above-mentioned brush with consummate ease. Call us on 01342 301594 to order The Decimator with Besser Trim Professional Head or you can send an email with your queries to sales@bessertrim.co.uk.

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