P1 Ch 1


White shock-waves of energy jumped out of the center of an opening hazy ring. The crisp roar and sizzle was deafening. Another surge as the device charged and then a blinding light. This was it. This was the last time an attempt could be made. One shot until the final verdict for a dying race. It had taken the best of this race millennia to perfect the last evolutionary process. The inter-dimensional rift was causing violent radiation surges, but Adom knew that his newly acquired genetic sequences would combat the danger. He was it. The last of his kind. Everything that his race had touched, all the other creatures they had created along the way to help them understand how to make this moment successful, all the planetary and stellar manipulations along the way to craft the tidal pools of this level of the universe, all the servant beings of half breeds; everything was to be left behind. Only Adom could make this journey alone. An act that began out of curiosity and a desire to become more, is now a last desperate act of a mighty race.

The onlookers a group of Egregoroi who were chosen to assist in the evolutionary jump. They were half matter, half anti-matter; half beautiful, half grotesque; half corporeal, half immortal. They were bred solely to serve Adom’s race as a mixture of lab assistant and lab rat. Mechel, the foremost of the Egregoroi, looked on mesmerized by the awesome power of the rift in space, secretly wishing to accompany Adom. There was little assistance these lab rats could offer now, other than to observe and hope all the tireless moments spent did not end as it had in the last attempt. Adom’s brother had been the last, so long ago, to attempt the translutation. That attempt had wiped out several dozen galaxies, causing a chain reaction of hypernovae, which nearly destroyed the dimensional planes. All the predecessors of the Egregoroi, all the connected network of corporeal entities, and the last of Adom’s race extinguished in a blinding flash of power. As the forces near the center of the rift started to pull on Adom’s being, he turned back briefly to glance at his assistants as a last remembrance just as Adom imagined his progenitor had once done. As the beams of light and radiation coalesced around him, he was gone…