Politics — The Scourge of Humanity

Trump is funny!

Πολιτικά or Politics is the title of a series of books from Aristotle. The term literally means “the things concerning the polis” or in other words, “the affairs of the city.” Aristotle is renowned for his scientific mind and forward thinking — I believe he would have burnt the books if he would have foreseen the mess we are in today…

Let’s face it: Politics and politicians have never done a damn thing for society. Rather, they have caused much more harm than good via knee-jerk regulation, snail-paced reform, or flat out bad decision making (kind of reminds me of religion, but that is another topic). How dare I say this in the face of historical evidence showing humanity has progressed?

Technology and Humanity

Politics ended the last World War!

Well, not so fast. It was technological advancements in machinery and weaponry — these not only started the war, but also ended its terror. Unfortunately, this ushered in our present atomic age which some argue as the single worst threat to humanity.

Well, yes and no. Just as knowledge can never be grouped into “good or evil” technology can never be categorized like this. The gun is a great technological master-piece which was formed over centuries of advancement. There is nothing inherently evil in a gun. I have never seen one of my guns walk up and shoot someone on its own (oh shit, Raspberry Pi people please do not mess with my gun). If I, I being the operable parameter, chose to use this device in a bad way, then its employ becomes bad (still no fault of the tool).

The same happened with the advent of nuclear weapons and the resulting arms race which ensued. Politics got involved and we ended up with a big, ugly mess. However, technology can also help humanity. In fact, the main reason for any “progression” in humanity over the current documented history has been technology. Without realizing there was some scientific reason for people getting sick from stagnant and mistreated water, Rome would have never been built in its vast grandeur with decadent running water cisterns. This one, seemingly small advancement allowed growth and its ultimate status as one of the greatest civilizations on the planet. That is, until the politicians got involved…

Social Issues Today and Tech Answers

We seem to be fascinated with race and racial diversity these days. I have an inherent issue with race — it is an archaic and scientifically incorrect labeling stemming from eugenics, breeding, and aristocracies. As do many today, I believe it to be an incorrect construct in human thinking and purported as fact by power hungry politicians.

When I take a look at JAVA code on GitHub or other repositories, I cannot tell if the code has been written by an African descent, Asian descent, European descent, Spanish descent, or even if ET wrote it. The compiler doesn’t give a shit about that — it only cares that the libraries used coincide with the code written and that all syntax has been followed. Hmmm, looks like computer programming has solved the so-called race barrier.

Monetary issues plague humans. An entire spectrum of problems from security, inflation, deflation, accurate valuation, transactional fluidity, fraud, and even political stability in a localized region or country makes it impossible to have a single global currency. Well… Bitcoins and block-chain transactional databases start to answer some if not all of these issues. It isn’t foolproof by far, but it is a great start — better than any recent political administration (recent meaning the past 20 years).

Healthcare is a joke today — even after the Savior Obama came and went. Now we have political weasels sticking their ignorant nose into places it should get stuck and chopped off. Can Tech help here? Already, we see advances in AI’s such as Watson being used to act as a differential diagnostic Doctor — I just hope they didn’t model its bed-side behavior after Dr. House!

We now even have health monitors to real time check the vital statistics of individuals so they can curb issues before they begin. Hell, even Microsoft recently launched a TV ad talking about being able to screen the DNA of mosquitoes and process it in order to find new viruses before they cause an uncontrollable outbreak. Talk about a Savior — this is it!

3D printing technology is being used to fashion new limbs, tissue, and organs. It isn’t 100% yet, but just wait. The day will come when a finger gets smashed or chopped off and mom will just print a new one — with scolding and strong reprimand of course.

There seems to be nothing tech can’t address as long as we keep our minds open. Personally I would love for tech to fix the media vomit I see coming from both sides every day. Maybe tech can help us pull our heads out of our collective ass…

The Real Impediment

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that I want to vote a computer into administrative office. Then again, I’m not saying that I don’t. Maybe the vote should be what tech we use for the next 4 years. Of course, Bill Gates would stick his nose into the race and we would be royally screwed!

And therein lies the major problem: everyone wants to rule the world. If block-chain has taught us anything it is that centralized anything is not the answer. Decentralization of power is truly a step in giving the power back to the individuals. Though I do not want to live in an Athenian democratic society as Socrates did, I believe we do not need these crass and idiotic figureheads making matters worse. Whenever humanity has been ruled over by a small group, be it political or religious, things have turned out badly. I think it is time for technology to step in and help and not in the whiny bs from groups like anonymous. It is time for real solutions, many of which we are already seeing, and it is well past time for us all to come together as a whole with all of our wonderful diversities in order to secure a brighter future. Technology need not become our Skynet overlords, but can become our partners in taking humanity to the next, awesome level.

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