Four Years Left: Day 5

All in a day’s work. Fired off two emails to Senators Feinstein and Harris. Made signs saying “Put a wrench in Trump’s agenda” and “Gum Up Trump’s Agenda”, and brought them to rally.

I was originally going to hop on BART into Sam Francisco to protest at Feinstein’s office. But last night I noticed a rally scheduled for Representative Barbara Lee’s office, which is a lot more convenient for me and the baby. I knew Feinstein is a little more urgent, with the confirmation hearings and all, but I decided that it’s very important to remember my duties as a mom — mornings are tough for us to travel — and stay local since I could.

So I sent emails denouncing Betsy DeVos and imploring my senators to block Trump's cabinet.

ALSO! I feel really good about this. I texted my sisters what I sent the senators, and I got one of them to write also. I helped her with a draft, as she said I write better scathing letters than she does (I do). I gave her the links to write our CA senators… I hope she sends them today.

Addendum: boycott. I’m reading about how Trump is systematically dismantling environmental regulations such as higher fuel efficiency for Detroit. If these big donors who are now his cabinet ultimately seek greater wealth, what about an old-fashioned boycott? If our numbers are as large as we saw at the Women’s March — and even Republicans and conservatives like nature — there’s power there. Our money doesn’t need to go to Exxon. We can use less electricity. Let’s conserve like we’ve never done before. DON’T BUY CARS from these companies who are profiting from Trump’s lax laws. We have the majority. These plutocrats are all about money. Lets fight them with our dollars. Possible?

Addendum 2: I should definitely be calling, not emailing. Lesson learned. That’s the point of this blog, to record the mistakes along the way. New action item for tomorrow.

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