About Stephanie

Stephanie Lepp is an artist and producer whose work strives to hold up a mirror — inviting us to grow from what we see. She’s the producer of Reckonings, a podcast that tells the stories of people who’ve shifted their political worldview, transcended extremism, and made other kinds of transformative change. Her latest work is Deep Reckonings, a series of explicitly-marked deepfakes that imagine Mark Zuckerberg, Brett Kavanaugh, and other public figures having a reckoning. You can find her on Twitter: @stephlepp

[0:00–2:07] Introducing Stephanie Lepp and her projects

[2:08–6:20] Reckoning with Social Change

[6:21–13:39] Catharsis: Deepfake It ’til We Make It

[13:40–17:02] Generating Deepfakes

[17:03–23:29] The Evolution of Post Truth

[23:30–28:50] Tensions between Truth and Fact

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