Diplomatic Immunity vs Foreign Investment vs Justice

It is the most shocking and irresponsible act of India’s that a Saudi diplomat of white collar with his black intention quietly left the country after being charged with heinous crime of rape. This is nothing but very shocking that the accused Saudi diplomat went back to his native land without facing Indian Judicial system.

This case seems to be an eye opener for us, the common men, about the government’s non-seriousness and carelessness over the issue of women safety and violence against women in India. In the name of diplomatic immunity diplomat’s escape from the Indian court of law after committing such a heinous crime reveals the laxity of the central government

Is the diplomatic immunity justified and not the justice for a rape victim? Should the diplomatic immunity prevail over human rights and social justice? Can the oil rich middle east easily ignore basic fundamental human rights and social justice using its money power?

Was the Indian Minister of External Affairsand the PM in knowledge that the accused was leaving the country? Why the government of India didn’t derecognise the diplomat status and issued an arrest warrant against the rape accused Saudi diplomat before he left the country?

It is obvious that if this case is not taken on priority for the sake of justice to those two Nepalese women, then it will also be forgotten as just another case of rape.When our External Affairs Minister herself is a very sensitive woman, how she failed to understand the sorrow of the distressed women? And how she failed to provide justice to them?

Allegedly the two rape victims, who were working as domestic helps in Saudi diplomats house were starved, tortured and raped not for a day or two but for months by the diplomat and his friends.

Several Indian and some international media houses also raised the issue but the government failed to take any effective step towards stopping the rape accused diplomat from leaving the country.

People are also asking if there was any secret deal reached with the Saudi government to provide its diplomat a safe passage of escape?

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