10 Instagram Videos of Detroit’s Jilleanne Rookard Doing Wild Shit

Jilleanne “Rink Rat” Rookard.

Things kick off in less than 24 hours in Montreal and by the end of the weekend a lot of people are going to be talking about Detroit Jammer and two time former Olympic speed skater Jilleanne Rookard.

I happened upon old training videos of Jilleanne on youtube last year, when she was “Skater Gator,” when I was obsessed with the idea of using slide boards in derby training. My background is hockey and goalie training specifically, and slide boards were just becoming a thing in the mid 90’s at Goalie camps I’d go to. There is so much cross over between the derby stance and the goalie stance, and closing lines is very similar to post to post movement.

Jilleanne’s videos were some of the only videos we could find of someone using slide boards in derby (seriously, get on this everyone else) and she was using it to transfer her speed skating skills to derby stance — particularly with stance, stride and lift.

We knew that Detroit’s roster wasn’t full and the injury bug hit them hard, so when they started to put up amazing scores a couple months ago we figured that Jilleanne was healthy and in the line up as well as Hipel and some other key skaters. With this group together, they are surging and riding massive momentum into Montreal. We’ve picked them to come out as a 5 seed, and seriously believe them to be the 3rd best team in Montreal if they have their full line up. Teams are lucky they are a 9 seed and will run into London early on.

For others who haven’t heard of Jilleanne yet, we want to introduce you through these crazy instagram videos on her account and on the Detroit Skate Factory account.

#1 WHAT EVEN?!?! 👀 👀 👀 👀

#2 The Hippy Twirl On The Street

#3 The Form Is So Beautiful We Could Cry

#4 Huge Lateral Jumps and Landing in Form Like This Isn’t Impossible To Do

#5 One Foot Transitions on Rental Skates With Ease


#7 If You See A Wicked Apex Jump From Jilleanne in Montreal Remember This One

#8 Pretty Much Guarantee Your Off Skates Training Doesn’t Include This

#9 Or This

#10 She is Human, But Works At Every Skill Till Getting It