2016 D2 WFTDA Playoff TSN Turning Points

The title may only initially make sense to Canadians, but a “TSN Turning Point” is a definitive point of a close game that determines the outcome. It’s a highlight AND the exact point at which a team pulls away. With 13 seeding upsets this year at Division 2 Playoffs and loads of close games and comebacks, we have seen a ton of TSN turning points. Below are our picks. If you think we have missed something — get at us!


Game 3 — Nashville v Tucson — Zip Drive’s Power Jam (Final 152–149)

Down 97–73 at half, a veteran Nashville team needed a 2nd half surge to come back and beat a scrappy Tucson squad. They were hanging around with time running down, but lost veteran jammer Lady Fury to injury. Going into jam 41 they were down 149–113, with just over 6 minutes left, when Zip Drive grabbed lead and Tucson’s jammer Shana Banana Hammock star passed to pivot Blaxican Bomber. Bomber took two penalties and Zip Drive went off for Nashville putting up 19 points in the jam and pulling it to 149–132. Nashville iced Blaxican who came out, got lead and immediately called the jam. With time left, Nashville followed with Cruella LaVelle who put up a 15–0 jam and Zip Drive finished it off in the final jam adding 5 more to pull of the massive come back. That Zip Drive powerjam reminded this Nashville team just who they were and Tucson couldn’t recover over those final four jams going scoreless for 6 straight minutes to close the game.

Game 11 — Boulder County v Kansas City — Smashalotapus Ices It (Final 201–200)

Smashalotapus’s 32 point jam in Jam 31 gave her team the lead and should have been enough of a cushion. They led 185–167 late before giving up a 24–0 jam back to Kansas and JessikaBOOM. In the final jam Smashalotapus put up 16 points to Lady Killshot’s 9 and it was just enough.

Game 12 — Blue Ridge v Nashville — Dr. Octopushy Goes Back to Back to Secure Champs Appearance (Final 178–133)

The final score doesn’t do justice to how close this game was. Nashville was down big again at half, but they were poised again for another late game surge pulling the score to just a 20 point margin of 136–116 with time left. Blue Ridge went back to back with their star jammer/Tournament high scorer/ Tournament MVP Dr. Octopushy and she went 33–7 to kill Nasvhille’s hope of a comeback. These two jams are what earned her that Tournament MVP. Remember that this was Blue Ridge’s 3rd game in 2 days at this point. Gutsy.

Game 15 Boulder County v Houston — Feist E. One Steals A Win (Final 184–181)

Smashalotapus was amazing for Boulder all weekend, but so was the steady and veteran presence of jammer and Captain Feist E. One. Smash iced the come back on Saturday, Feist E. got this one on Sunday. I will never agree with Houston’s decision to jam defensively off the line, and Boulder made them pay for thinking they could out-think them. Feist E was 17–0 in her final two jams — two of the last three of this bout.

Game 17 — Brandywine v Blue Ridge — The Brandywine Jammer Rotation (Final 146–123)

Brandywine’s 3 jammer rotation is so solid and they showed it in Wichita every single game. Their stretch over jams 35–37 sealed their 1st place win with them going 27–0 over that stretch. Blue Ridge had pulled it to a 5 point game, but this run through the rotation pushed the lead up to 128–96. Blue Ridge couldn’t erase that cushion falling 146–123.


Game 7 — Tri-City v Nidaros — The Crazy Squirrel Apex Jump (Final 167–164)

Tri-City blew a large first half lead and Nidaros skillfully ran time AND got back in the game to hold lead and a pack advantage going into the final jam. The rest is roller derby history, with one of the most exciting finishes in the history of WFTDA Playoffs. Just watch it.

Game 9 — Calgary v Charm City — Easy Break Oven Breaks the Game Open (Final 216–191)

This is another game where the final score doesn’t do justice to just how close it was. This was a back and forth game and after building multiple leads, only to have Charm claw back, it looked like the more experienced squad would pull ahead. Tied at 170, Easy Break lined up against Charm veteran I.M. Pain. I.M. Pain took a penalty and Easy Break exploded for 31 points. That jam broke this game wide open and it ensured a trip to Champs for Calgary — just the 2nd time a Canadian team has made Champs (Rideau D2 2014). Like Octopushy’s in Wichita, this was the tournament MVP defining jam in Lansing. Monster.

Game 14 — Sac City v Cincinnati — The 2nd Half Splash (Final 220–174)

Sac City was down by 15 at half in this one but they grabbed three straight leads and in jam 24 Anomie of the State exploded for 30 points to grab her team the lead. They never looked back.

Game 15 — Bear City v Tri City — How Not to Close a Half (Final 177–153)

Tri City got out to a massive first half lead thanks to Bear City jammer penalties and solid defensive play. They checked out early in that first half though, giving up a 27–0 jam to close the half. That jam alone doubled Bear City’s point total for the half as the score had been 92–27 for Tri. Tri City lost this game by 24 points and the timing of this jam allowed Bear City to go into half thinking this was at least possible. That was a mistake and a huge turning point in this bout.

Game 16 — Charm City v Wasatch — I.M. Grinds Out the Last Jam Win (Final 197–194)

Wreckless played a perfect game for Wasatch, but it just wasn’t enough as I.M. Pain was able to grind out a win through sheer force of will. Wasatch had pack advantage with 4 blockers, but that didn’t matter to I.M. Pain. The call from Andy Marron and Lightning Slim here is also awesome.

Game 17 — Calgary v Charlottesville — Kris Myass Seals It (Final 189–165)

Charlottesville had just put up a 29–2 power jam by Miller Miller to pull it to 167–143 and there was time on the clock for a come back. After a scoreless jam, Kris Myass took the jam line and sealed the win for Calgary, bleeding the clock and putting up a 17–0 jam to counter. The jam was a back breaker for an exhausted Charlottesville squad.