D1 Playoffs: Who Survives Your Bracket In Montreal?

We picked 11 of 17 winners last week in Lansing and came out with the top bracket! The awesome feeling of calling so many winners in Lansing was immediately ripped from us when we sat down for this weeks bracket. This is a terrible, no good, horrible bracket that we can only hope is wrong.

Our Montreal Bracket Predictions

First off, we are setting ourselves up for heart break with Montreal dropping their first game and then falling to a surging Detroit squad in the consolation bracket. Hosting tournaments, especially Playoff tournaments, can be a curse and Montreal has limped into this Playoffs struggling with injuries and a sometime chaotic and penalty prone jammer rotation. We want to be wrong. We want the Skids to beat Dallas in front of their home fans and then make it to Champs as the 3 seed on Sunday. We are Canadian, we want to see the first Canadian team to D1 Champs, and we love the Skids. We just don’t see it happening.

Detroit should feast in Montreal and teams are lucky they come in seeded where they are. If they were 6 seed they would have a shot at 3rd. They are the good story of the weekend and everyone will know Jilleanne Rookard’s name by the close on Sunday.

We see a banged up BAD squad falling to Boston IF Boston can play a complete game. Boston has had stretches this year where they have looked elite but they have struggled to put teams away. Building big first half leads and then letting teams chip away. If they can get up on BAD they need to try and finish it early. BAD surged back in one of their last regular season bouts against Terminal City and we see this game playing out much like that one — accept we think Boston has enough to complete the upset.

We see Texas having no problems getting to the 1st place game and giving London a good run. They are one of the smartest teams in all of roller derby and it’s hard to put them down because they can make multiple adjustments in game.

We think Rocky’s comeback starts up this weekend much like Windy’s did on Sunday last year in Omaha. They should bump up to 8th and we think they can use their experience edge and handle Kallio on Friday.

If this shakes out the way we think it will, Sun State will basically have one of the most unlucky brackets of all time. Detroit’s 9th place seeding doesn’t represent their strength at all, and meeting Bay or Boston on Saturday is tough.

If Dallas can beat Montreal, we think they can beat Boston or Bay Area. If Montreal makes it out of that Dallas game, they better pull off that 3rd place win.

This all adds up to 7 seeding upsets with Detroit taking 3 of them. Detroit v. Everybody.

Let us know who you have! Get at us with your brackets and predictions on Facebook, Twitter The Apex, or via email to derbyapex@gmail.com. If you have commentary beyond just your bracket send us that to and we will post it here!

*Teams, if you are bummed we didn’t pick you please use our writing as white board material and chirp us when we are wrong!