The Mailbag #2: 60 Days of the Apex

Rosi, 2016. Photo Ck Photographic Systems (Chris Kalisiak)

Although we know our mailbag articles won’t be big reads early on we want to keep this practice up in order to chart and take stock of the previous month.

We didn’t get as many articles out this month as tournaments/bout season winds down in preparation for Playoffs, but our per article numbers were way up and we pumped out our most popular post yet with “Summer Sixteen Derby Trends.

Thanks to all the support we pushed over 10,000 views before our 60th day. Big ups to anyone who helped with that and also to everyone who keeps engaging with our stuff. We appreciate you.

As always the once a month mailbag posts are going to cover what we’ve written about over the previous month while also answering and highlighting some of the best responses we’ve gotten over the last month. As always, you can hit us up on Facebook, Twitter at The Apex or email us at


John Reed responded on our “The WFTDA Ranking System is Kinda Broken Post” with a call for using a “centered mean” instead of our suggested move to medians. We like his math and this suggestion, and only worry about the extra work a centered mean might create. Also, talk of “dropping” scores sometimes shuts people down when talking about these kinds of moves and within any model all of these scores would still be hypothetically in play (if you went below your bottom, or above your top consistently). Other than that though, this is an A+ mail bag contribution. If the goal is to do everything possible to find the “centre” of a team (and that’s what we want/are asking for), John’s “centered mean” is the best we’ve heard of.

One of our favs Daft Spunk (who is also on medium) liked our “If Mike D’Antoni Coached Roller Derby” article and wants to see it in action. Someone give us their WFTDA team to experiment with!

Our Fav Mentions of the Month

2nd Month By the Numbers

Articles Posted: 7

Site Views: +4.1k

Facebook Reach: +26k

Facebook Engagement: +4k

Twitter Impressions: +15k

Most Viewed: Summer Sixteen Derby Trends — 1.6k

Best Read Ratio: A History of WFTDA Playoff Upsets — 66%

Most Recommends: Summer Sixteen Derby Trends — 6

Article That Deserved More Love: If Mike D’Antoni Coached Roller Derby — 233 views

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