Brandon W. Mosley

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From the Lens of a UX Lead

Problem Statement: How can I improve my portfolio so I can get better job offers?

You don’t show enough work.

Today’s job market is hot, but that doesn’t mean I’ll forgo quantity over quality — or vice versa. I expect recent college or boot camp grads to have fewer projects…

From the Lens of a UX Lead

A lot has changed since I wrote my first LinkedIn article, “8 Resume Tips for Creative Professionals.” While I joke that I’m a professional job seeker, job hunting was always a long and bumpy road for reasons I’ll describe in another article someday. …

Contrary to popular belief, math is very much a part of the design process. I often defer to my trusty calculator. However, since I posted this original article on LinkedIn in 2016, there was no single source of truth for useful math equations.


Convert Pixels to Ems

Em = Target…

When Design Meets Written Word

Most people aren’t aware that I’ve written and self-published two books. I don’t consider myself to be an author (the word feels too heavy for me), but I want to tell you about The Guide: Gay Bodies & Expressions. (I’ll talk about my other book some other time.)

The Guide…

Brandon W. Mosley

Welcome to The Design Daruma. Brandon is a UX Lead, artist, and transit advocate based in New York City. Learn more at

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