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This Batman Story Contains mature subject matter & material & is a work of Fiction & Done for Fun & the love of the character of Batman & the world he lives in. this story is inspired by a A Marvel comic about the punisher Called Slavers & events that take place in Batman Vs Superman. this story will go into human trafficking & how Batman deals with that in his city since his return. this story takes place after the death of superman with batman trying to return to who he was before the events of robins death by the hands of the joker while also trying to hunt down black mask who has gone underground. i hope to really show batman grow from where we see him at the end of BVS to the batman we all know so well. i hope you enjoy & i gladly welcome any constructive feedback that might improve the story as it goes a long in the future. thank you for reading. enjoy

The world was out of joint as the shadows of the city shifted and Danced as if demons reached out to pull Gotham down into the depths of hell. crime was at an all time high now. the streets were packed with cars, people trying to get home from work as soon as they could before nightfall. it was one of those hot summer nights the air was so hot & thick you could cut it with a knife, sounds of sirens could be heard already in the distance.

“It’s About that time”as the old man looked down at his watch as the sky fell into darkness. for a moment he hesitated asking himself why he still came up here every night, it had been years and still nothing. at one time it had given the people hope like the light at the end of a long dark tunnel & if they could just reach out & touch it everything would be alright. the old man adjusted his Glasses” if you’re out there, old friend things are not looking good. i only hope this is enough for now.” in that moment he pulled down the massive switch sending a blinding spot light shooting up into the heavens to remind the people of Gotham that when the sun goes down there will always be a light to guide the way.

In That instant A Dark Figure sat perched upon a gargoyle overlooked the city as a storm began to roll in as if God himself was trying to wash away the filth that had stained such a once great city. the smell of hot dog carts,gasoline and trash filled the air. the long black cloak billowed in the strong wind behind him. gazing up into the night sky as the signal cut though the darkness Batman rose to his feet his eyes burring white. after all that had happened in the last few years Bruce realized this was who he was & that he was no where near done yet. just then a loud scream could be heard in the distance. throwing back his cape Batman leaped head first off the building, feeling the rush of the wind smacking against his face, he then fired off his grappling gun swinging upwards into the night sky, The batman had returned.

“No !!! Man please i will give you what ever you want just Don’t hurt her !!!

“Shut the Hell up you Cry baby !!!One of the three men shouted as they smacked the young boy across the face with a snub nosed pistol as the other held tightly onto his girlfriend.

“hahaha what do you think Johnny ? looks like she could be the perfect little whore the boss has been looking for to add to his collection, huh ?.

Hey uh what about the bat ? his signal is in the sky

Johnny looks back at them both & laughs “are you guys retarded or something ? batman has not been seen in years after what the joker did to him & his little side kick. that’s just the cops trying to scare ya now lets take this chick & get a move on you know black mask does not like to be kept waiting.”

just then without warring a loud pop shuttered though the night sky as the street light above them went out & the alleyway filled with a thick heavy smoke cloud.”Oh god my eyes this shit burns what the hell is going on, Johnny ?!!.”

“Just shut up ! a Gas pipe might have busted this city is falling apart.”

A large black Shadow slowly rose up behind the tug holding the girl hostage making quick work of him putting his hand over the young ladies mouth & lifting her up out of site onto the rooftop. when she came to her senses a bit the girl was sent almost into a shock as she looked up & saw what had saved her. leaping now back down into the alleyway. batman grabbed the first tug with a gun sending him flying into a brick wall before disassembling his gun.

Johnny then out of fear & panic pulled out his massive combat knife & started to rush batman. sparks could be seen flying off the suit as the dark knight blocked each & every blow. bringing him over his shoulder smashing Johnny down to the ground.

Where is Black Mask ? !!! Batman Shouted over the crackling sound of thunder & lighting

“I’m Not telling you jack shit batman hehe By the way how is Robin ?

A loud crack could be heard sending Johnny screaming in pain “Oh God !!!!!!!

“You can say your prayers after you tell me where black mask is Now Talk !!!

Alright Alright !…he is by the Docks ever since you took down his last front all those years ago he has been slowly building himself back up while you was gone. the boss was looking for new girls since he has been pretty deep into the human trafficking racket these days. the girls come in large shipping crates a few of them die on their way here. when we are missing product that makes the boss look bad so he sends us out to find new girls.

lifting him up pining johnny to the wall the sound of the burring white lenses could be heard as the rain washed down his cowl “if you’re lying i will find you.” batman then delivers the final blow before securing the bat cuffs on him and the other men. a large massive sound could be heard heading their way as he walked out of the alleyway batman leaped up into the air as soon as he could see the head lights landing down perfectly into the cockpit of the batmobile & set a coarse for the Docks.

“Master Wayne I have Notified Commissioner Gordon about the young couple. i have also hacked into the security systems at the Gotham dock yards, it seems our little friend was telling the truth. they have been bringing in large amounts of young women & those who had passed on they simply disposed of their body’s in the Gotham river. i also took the liberty of sending the camera footage to the police as well. Gordon is getting a team ready as we speak,Sir.”

That would Explain all the body’s that have been Turing up recently, Thanks Alfred i’m on my way there Now,Batman Out.

The Night was far from over…To be continued

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