By Diana Hong
For my one&only sister

Nowhere else would I rather be

As the clock swipes away the seconds of my life

Than at a simple place with cups of conversation

With you

Pouring over life shared

Memories common to both our time, here

Crying, Chuckling, Silencing

As yesterdays are steeped in the space we sit

Dim aromas of pain, wrestle, Now, flavor the beings we’ve become

Co-laborers, in battle and celebration,

Shoulders bound, hearts melded

Though life might journey us apart

How swift I shall be, to your side, should you need my strength to stand with yours

Yet. Now.

While the next seconds await to be approached by our chatter

Our tears, of joy or sorrow

Sweeten the last drops we savor of past days

While new expectation, stages yet unconquered

Bubble, Steam, Materialize

Pour me another, dear sister

I have my little while longer to give to you

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