When Chance is on Our Side

By Diana Hong

You are my reason for the journey

Countless miles voyaged, yearly

Bringing my smile, embrace, and company to share

Gifts and trinkets,, all but scraps

Will you still be,,, there

next time,

I wonder each time I leave you,,,


Who are you, who were you, I collect more of you

While chance,,, it favors us

Home. You’re not here


You are

Spaces, filled with your junk

My treasure

Your habits, thoughts evidenced

How long and much did you sit here

Atop this roof, in this garden, on this seat


Who I am,, how I’m fairing, the woman I’m becoming

Far far away

I thought of you too

When chance would disrupt me

To Him who binds and expels time

My grateful heart conveys but an able / fraction

For mutual imprints of memory we make

For chance, today,

You allow me to remain with us

I love you, my dear grandpas/mas