Yeah. Your snide condescension doesn’t change the fact that you’re not comparing like to like when…
Mark Thibodeau

  1. I never said the PLM post should be taken down. In fact I chose it because I knew it wouldn’t be taken down. My point is that if that trash can stay up why are they taking down much tamer comments from Black people?
  2. Black Lives Matter was made in response to police killing Black people. To say Police Lives matter literally erases black people and replaces them with their killer. It’s no different than saying Nazi Lives Matter. Sure, there’s no mention of Jews, but the sentiment remains.
  3. Police Lives Matter also co-opts a movement meant for Black people. Would you say “Straight Pride” in response to Gay Pride? No, because that’s obviously done to harm gay people. The same goes for Police Lives Matter.
  4. As you mention, Police “lives” are among the safest in the country. Legally and physically. They don’t even make the top ten list of most dangerous jobs. So the phrase isn’t really about their lives or safety. It’s about supporting the police killing of Black people by literally erasing Black people from their own rallying cry against police violence.
  5. Also there’s no such thing as Police Lives. It’s just a job. They can quit anytime if they feel unsafe. Black people can’t.