Puzzled to see this, as the director of CCI is a Black woman.

Regarding white-led/white-centric organizations with POC members in leadership roles:

1) First off, I love y’all. ❤️ I know how hard it is to be a person of color working in a social justice community that’s just as susceptible to white supremacy as the “real” world. It’s hard work. And our contributions shouldn’t be erased.

2) In my latest piece I referenced “predominantly” white-led organizations. Predominantly. Not “entirely.” I know there are POC working in various leadership capacities. I’m one of them.

3) An institution can have POC leadership and still be predominantly white-led or white-centered. Don’t believe me? Ask Obama.

4) Many POC leaders in multi-racial organizations don’t necessarily have equal influence in decision making (usually because they’re dealing with surviving within a white supremacy ON TOP of being leaders). A lot of times even GETTING to leadership meetings is disproportionately adverse for POC members.

5) If the majority of the members and base of an organization are white (as in CCI), an organization can very easily be “white centered”… even with the existence of POC leadership. A majority white base will naturally influence decision making in some capacity.

6) SENIOR members of these organizations are often white (or white-presenting), and usually have disproportionate say (for some of the reasons I mentioned above).

7) There’s a difference between leadership and ACTIVE leadership. I’m still listed as being a member of groups I haven’t worked with since MySpace was poppin’. Decisions can still be made without the input of POC members, and decision can be made under intense white scrutiny.

So to recap: I have nothing against individuals of color in leadership roles.

But one, two, three POC cannot possibly corral all these organizations.