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A Plugin is nothing but a piece of code that has a bunch of functions that can be used or added to a self-hosted WordPress website.

In a simple language, a plugin is something that eases your website development work by adding extra functions in no time.

How does it work?

A plugin can increase functionality or add many new features to your WordPress Website. First, you need to install the plugin in which you are interested in your Plugin Panel, will talk about it in detail later on.

So after installing & activating you have to configure the plugin(if required) then it will be ready to work and you can use it to add new functions & features to your website. …

How to delete a theme in WordPress? Well in this article, I will show you a very quick & simple way to remove an unwanted theme from your WordPress theme panel.

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Delete a Theme from WordPress in just 3 Steps

Step 1: Go to your WordPress dashboard First Then hover over to Appearance > Themes

Step 2: Remember one thing you cannot delete a activated them you only able to delete a deactivated or a theme that available to your WordPress theme panel

Final Step: Now after entering into theme panel just click on your desire theme that you want to delete, after that, you will see a red color ‘Delete’ Text at the right bottom click on that this is it. …

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On-page SEO Techniques is the must use process in SEO practice in order to be visible on search engine organic results as well as to run a successful SEO campaign to achieve your SEO goals.

For getting more out of SEO you have to very much focus on your On-page Techniques. Paying proper attention to On-page SEO will increase your chances to get more traffic and sales from search engines.

In this post, we will discuss what is on-page SEO, why is it important, and the 9 Actionable On-Page SEO Techniques that you should use whenever you publish a new post in your blog. …

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