I’ve never been so shaken by a dream in my life.

I don’t know where I was, but it had the smell, look and feel of a shopping mall. There was a store with a ‘Grand Opening’ sign in the window, and out front a large cat was giving away free samples. Only the samples weren’t food, they were kittens. The store was called Kitty Kutes. I peered in through the window and saw there were cats for sale. Hundreds of them. And by god, they were cute. I walked past Kitty Kutes and over to the food court. Hordes of people were walking around with personal pan pizzas and mini-golf putters. I asked a little kid where he got his pizza from, and he pointed up to a neon sign that said, ‘Pizza Putt.’ I went up to the register. “Welcome to Pizza Putt! Would you like a free round of mini-golf with your Pizza today?” “Genius,” I thought. “Whoever thought of that is a god damn genius.” A band counted off, “1,2,3,4..!” It was Country Clark and the Band-its, over by the big fountain, playing a hell of a catchy number, ‘When You Snooze You Win.’ All the kids were going ape shit. Moms hoisted babies on their shoulders, dads looked on and thought about the good old days when they used to dress up as Country Clark for Halloween. The Band-its hadn’t made it through the second chorus when Ricky Martin’s brother, Mickey, crashed the stage and started making up a song on the spot. I still remember the first verse: “Sexy girl, how can you be so sexy girl, when we live in such an ugly world, please explain it to me.” The kids booed him off the stage. The mall turned into someone’s front porch in a small town in North Carolina. A middle-aged southern gal came bursting out onto the front lawn yelling to her husband, “I’m going to have breakfast with Barry! Barry makes deviled eggs!” “God dammit, Martha! You ain’t goin to no god damn Barry’s! He shouted, running out after her. “What you been spending so much time over at Barry’s for anyway?”

I woke up, and I was sad. Sad to live in a world where you can’t just walk down to a Kitty Kutes and pet the free samples whenever you want. Sad that instead of having the guts to book a real band like Country Clark and the Band-its, the malls of today seem to only care about blasting the newest Katy Perry song over the loudspeakers. And what if you do want a free round of mini-golf with your pizza? Who in this world will accommodate you? And maybe if Martha’s husband made her some deviled eggs once in a while, she wouldn’t have to spend so much time at Barry’s.

A Gandhi quote came to mind. I couldn’t remember how it went exactly, so I google searched it. “If we could change ourselves, the tendencies in the world would also change.”

Fast forward to now. We’re re-releasing our song Tired Of Love as a single. If you stream or buy this song, do it first and foremost because you like it. But also know that if everyone of you streams this song just over three million times, we can afford a down payment on a plot of land in New Jersey, where we will lay the foundations to make this Dream Mall a reality. Thank you.

Listen to our song ‘Tired of Love’ & the acoustic b-side: 

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