Automation means having the ability to immediately reach your supporters. But why is email automation so important? Automating your emails means you’ll be contacting people at the point of engagement. Someone’s made a donation? Setting up a triggered welcome email at point of sale with encouraging statistics of where their money has gone will keep them engaged — rather than manually sending them a welcome email hours or even days later, when they may have lost interest.

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Unless your team has unlimited resource, email marketing automation saves so much time. By creating an integrated events journey, which incorporated elements of…

This week we’re looking at how charity websites champion diversity and inclusion through photography.

At the NSPCC we have to ensure our website holds a mirror up to the world we work in. If we want to protect children today and prevent abuse from happening tomorrow we need to reach all parents, carers and anyone worried about a child. We need to show everyone that we’re an organisation they can trust. And that we’re here for them.

Our website has been around for some time (this article from Kirsty Weakley shows just how much charity websites have changed in the…

I’m Gavin — Senior Digital Business Partner and part-time roving reporter, bringing you the latest updates from industry conferences.

Us Digital Dunk folks love a bit of collaboration and learning and so headed down to the Social Media Exchange this week. The event is hosted by Sounddelivery, an award-winning digital media training agency, and was full of inspiring masterclasses and lightning talks about all things digital, charity and beyond.

Our amazing social media team — Prue and Poppy (they only hire people with names starting with ‘P’) — hosted a lunchbites session, answering questions from the audience about how NSPCC…

Hello lovely readers. It’s Prue here again. In this edition of the Digital Dunk, we asked the Digital team to round up some of the best free/cheap tools we use across our work. Enjoy!

Crazy Egg (yes, the world record egg is pretty crazy but that’s not what we’re talking about)

Crazy Egg example

Crazy egg is a heat-mapping tool we use for understanding how your users are interacting with a webpage and to test out new page layouts. You can see how far users are scrolling down the page, where they’ve clicked (including a breakdown of the numbers) through its heat map…

Sam here again, I’m here this week to talk about some great ways to engage supporters in raising money online.

One great thing about charitable giving is that it doesn’t always have to be an active action you ask from your supporters, it can be passive as well. With platforms like AmazonSmile and Facebook Donate making waves, charities and nonprofits potentially have a lot to gain by lightly steering their supporters to raise money in a way that is easy to set up and fits into their online lifestyle.

Let’s have a look at a few of the options:


AmazonSmile gives Amazon customers the opportunity to give a percentage of their purchase to their chosen charity with every order


Part 2: how to get started

This follows on from part one of our Sounds like the future mini-series. To read about the basics of voice tech, start there. Here, in part two, Louise Corden focuses on how Alexa can be used for charities and how to get started.

At NSPCC, we’ve been looking at voice technology for a while as part of our remit to make our services available to our supporters via the channels they actually use, and broaden accessibility of our products and services. We launched our NSPCC Alexa skill in December. It helps deliver our core purpose: keeping children safe, through teaching…

Part 1: the essentials. What is it and why should you care?

Louise Corden, Lead Digital Producer, guides us through the basics.

You might have heard some of the dizzying stats about voice technology — but what is it, how much does it affect your organisation, and why should you care?

Voice assistants — the collective term for the software including Alexa, Siri, Cortana and OK Google — are popular and growing.

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Let’s start with the hype:

  • Amazon sold out of Echo Dots worldwide in their Black friday sale — and now say there are 100million Alexa enabled items worldwide
  • OK Google will be available on a billion devices by the end…

I’m Gavin Williams, Digital Business Partner at the NSPCC and we’re walking in a digital win…ter wonderland.

’Tis the season to be jolly; ’tis the season that encompasses half the year. If you work for a charity, it can feel like Christmas is constantly on the horizon. On hot summer days you’ll be planning your Christmas marketing campaigns and by the time autumn comes around Christmas feels more like a permanent state of being than a season.

At the NSPCC, we go crackers for Christmas. From our established Letter From Santa product to our brand new event Get Your…

Hi I’m Clive. Thanks for popping by for another Digital Dunk.

Recently I had the opportunity to speak at two events about how we have used risk management at NSPCC to frame and deliver a programme of digital initiatives this year and gain senior management and peer visibility, support and buy-in. We’ve found that it’s a good thing that Digital Transformation is a Risky Business 😊

Tom Cruise in the 1983 movie Risky Business. Fun film but we don’t endorse his chosen mode of fundraising :)

Risk management is very topical in the charity sector right now. Ahead of the…

Hi, I’m Anna, Supporter Experience Strategist at the NSPCC, the UK’s leading children’s charity fighting to prevent child abuse.

Last month I hosted our first ever Supporter Journeys Summit. The Event saw supporter journey specialists from twenty-four charities come together to discuss best practice and the challenges of implementing supporter journeys.

Those present understood the value of having supporter journeys but if you’re in doubt let me summarise.

If you promote the sale of Christmas trees in June to a Buddhist population, you’re not too likely to make much money. You’re also going to annoy a lot of people.


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