On wasting time

Time is non-linear, yeah?

A friend shared this quote at the start of the week.

It made me smile (the ‘, probably’ suffix) and think (the quote itself). And, it’s stayed in my mind all week. Which in this day and age, and moreover this mind, is a feat all of it’s own.

So, last night, I started wondering: what time spent is always good value? Immaterial. What time used is never too expensive? As in, no matter how long I spend on these things, I don’t ever think it will be a waste of money.

Here’s the list I have so far:

  • Sleeping
  • Being outside and not working
  • Looking at the stars
  • Combing your child’s hair
  • Listening to old people speak about their youth
  • Catching up with an old friend
  • Cooking a meal, for six or more people, from scratch
  • Learning a new language
  • Getting lost
  • Having a bath
  • Being by the sea
  • Kissing
  • Walking up a mountain
  • Talking into your child’s eyes as you do up their laces
  • Folding clothes whilst listening to Prince
  • Talking to a homeless person

Looking back over my life to now. And thinking of the things above, I could easily have done each of them for ten or even a hundred times longer than I already have, and they would still be ‘cheap’.

In the time-precious world we live in nowadays, it seems that the best things in life are free.

To paraphrase Brent, do you know which “philosopher” said that? Janet Jackson. And everyone thought she was, erm, just Michael’s little sister.

So, when you have no time to spare. When you’re seconds skint. When the to-do list is interminable. Just drop whatever it is you’re doing, that is supposedly more important, and invest in something priceless that will always be worth it’s ‘wait’ in gold.