Who should host Jeopardy next

Jul 30, 2018 · 1 min read

· My handsome son, Roderick. He’s very smart!

· The ghost of Abraham Lincoln. It would be cool to see what he has to say!

· My Alexa robot. I’m sick of having this thing in my home. Get it out of here!

· A woman who wears a tie. What kooky fun!

· Bette Midler. I met her once at a HomeGoods.

· A British person. I can’t think of any, but this could work.

· A dictionary.

· The barista who always remembers my order. Triple Americano with a pump of chocolate syrup!

· A man with a warm smile.

· My cat who is named Reba. She died in 2014 and I miss her every day.

· Potent Potables.

· President of the PTA, Brenda Carlyle. She has good ideas.

· Alex Trebek.


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Former 4-year-old. Co-Host of @middleschoolboo

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