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Filing for divorce is one of the most difficult life-changing decisions in a person’s lifetime and one which many spouses are understandably reticent to embark upon.

Various studies over the years have shown that divorce rates peak at key periods such as couples and families returning home from summer holidays which can put a strain on relationships. Read More

Even the strongest of marriages have been severely tested by the overall stresses of the pandemic — financial, emotional and physical. What’s interesting is that now restrictions are lifting, many couples can no longer sustain who they were in lockdown. Read more

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Deciding to get a divorce is never an easy decision and going through the process can be very difficult, no matter the reason for it.

But did you know that the landscape for separated couples is changing, with divorce law set to undergo a dramatic shake up? — Read more

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A private court hearing where separating couples hire a ‘Private Judge’ to accelerate the outcome of their financial settlements is becoming the way forward for more people undergoing divorce.

The process, called Family Law Arbitration, can avoid a prolonged, expensive and a public hearing in court. Read more

Not so much a question as a statement and alert to other married couples. My wife and I will be separating after nearly 30 years of marriage. We drifted apart. We both let it happen. I don’t blame her and I hope she doesn’t blame me. Our children are adults and worry what the future as a family will be like. I really want to remind everyone, if you have a good marriage, look after it.

Thank you for being so open at a very difficult time in your life. You are not alone, as I think you already know, in becoming complacent. It happens to many people.

Read more

Coronavirus, your business and the divorce

Coronavirus itself will not impact your assets, such as businesses and property, it is the potential economic fallout in terms of the value of shares and the property market that could cause problems.

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Many areas of life that are usually dealt with in person have been conducted online during the pandemic — and divorce proceedings are no exception.

As the COVID-19 restrictions ease, however, and near-normal service starts to resume, will digital divorces become the way forward or will clients return to their solicitors’ offices and courtrooms?

Are more divorcing couples now having digital divorces?

Most mediators only offer virtual meetings, while court hearings take place via phone and video.

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Listening to a friend talk about their divorce, I pause and think — this all sounds familiar.

My friend details the lead up to her separation and there are so many similarities it’s a bit unnerving. Same actions, same words, same behaviour. How is that possible?

Turns out similarities are not even unusual but predictable, right down to the language a departing spouse might use.

I’ve really struggled to write this post, never sure how to start or which angle to take.

It’s the most difficult post/article I have ever had to write because it speaks of something that cuts through me and many, many, many of us.

You see, out of my friends both male and female, at least 10 of them have been victims of some form of sexual or indecent assault/attack before the age of 15. If I was to count those before the age of 20, the number would be higher.

Out of all 10 friends, only two didn’t know their…

Carly Israel

Since writing my first piece, My Light Went Out I have had a ton of messages and tweets and feedback.

The messages thanking me for my words, the tweets casting judgement and blame and the angry, name-calling comments about my selfish choices as a mother.

Putting myself, my soul and my words out to the universe comes with the opportunity for all of this. And all of it is a gift. …

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