15 Subtle Shifts Happening In The Startup World That Will Change The Face Of Business Forever
Laurence McCahill

I won’t do it differently in 2016, I’ll keep being myself in each aspect of life. Putting on artificial business masks just to wow somebody must be tiring. It doesn’t give satisfaction to any of the conversation sides. Why to waste our time on faking life then? Life is all about Experience. It’s too short to rush it through without having fun and sharing happiness with the others. No matter if you fail or not, what matters is why and with whom you struggle. Sharing ideas is great. Collaborating with the right people on the idea that you stand for is even better. What you learn is priceless. Money comes to those that do the stuff because they love what they do.

There is one new dish on my plate for 2016. I want to share what I learnt so far collaborating on the projects. Devoting the time to discuss it with others will be a nice lesson, hopefully for both sides.

I love what you do with the Happy Startup School. I keep my fingers crossed for your projects in 2016 guys. All the best for another happy startup year!

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