Don’t just receive but be an actor of this exchange: write, answer, share and help people who struggle.
Upgrade your developer stack with non-development related skills 🏅
Quentin Bellanger

Sharing is a great way to learn more! While you share what you know, you revise, get to know the issue better and remember longer how to solve a given problem.

Besides that you create the history for yourself, you know you were writing about some problem before and that you can always come back to it as to personal notes that now became open source.

I recently started sharing my journey while learning to code in the form of a vlog. It helps me to stay on track, stay motivated and keep on doing. I can keep track of my learning and generalize from it. 
A lot of people who are learning to code write to me that the channel is motivating for them and it helped them learn something new. It’s a great and a nice win win. Sharing is awesome!