A11y project.
How my daughter taught me about accessibility

Thank you for sharing the news about A11Y project. It’s really helpful info looking for a kind of checklist and info with examples in one place!

Good semantics does a lot of the work, yet being more aware makes the results even better, so I would for sure dig deeper into it. Majority of developers definitely knows too little about the good practices and the accessibility topic seems to be sometimes a tabu even among experienced developers.

The project is really useful reference especially for code newbies and recommendable for all those who have been programming for years but haven’t cared much about accessibility.

I recommend also this blog http://simplyaccessible.com/articles/ to dig deeper into how to create accessible products.

Listening to users shows us what to take into consideration, e.g. have a look at this interview while creating accessible animations, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QhnIZh0xwk0

I know that there are various disabilities and constraints but the more aware we get, the better user-centered code we create.

Unfortunately it’s hard to create fully accessible products for everybody and let’s face it, it’s like additional requirement. But it makes such a difference for people that it’s worth each effort and money.

There is much we can do as developers and designers from the first line (of code). Writing accessible code becomes subconscious if we are aware of what matters, why it matters, and how by simple steps we can help. The more we know, the better the world becomes because each user can feel equal using our products.

Happy accessible coding for all of us!