Meet Kody!

Kody, roughly 3 months old. Feb. 14, 2014.

Yes, I know, what a cutie, right? This furry bundle of adorableness is my dog, Kody. Just to think, it was only three years ago that my family adopted him. I remember that day very clearly. I decided to dedicate my first shelter dog profile post to the first shelter dog I’ve ever owned. So here’s the story of this incredible dog I get the fortune to call mine:

Meet Kody. A big-pawed, rambunctious, soft, and cuddly shepherd mix.

It was a Saturday afternoon in mid-February and my mom decided that we should attend the Dog Fest happening downtown. She made sure to let me know there was no guarantee of getting a dog that day; however, we were going to look around. Our first, and hopefully only stop, would be the Golden Retriever Rescue Society (GRRS) booth. We had previously owned a golden who had died of cancer two years prior. Her name was Mia and she was the light of our lives. The sweetest, cutest, and friendliest dog you’d ever meet. Golden retrievers became our favorite dog and we had said we’d only own goldens. We walked up to the GRRS booth and there were no dogs. We were given information about getting on a waiting list to own one of the goldens. The waiting list ranged anywhere from 3 months to a year. Apparently we weren’t the only people that loved golden retrievers. Well, little did we know the plush face of wild shepherd mix would suddenly change our minds.

So, we began to head out, glimpsing at the fenced in barriers of dogs and puppies as we passed by. A large ‘aww-ing’ and a group of people caught our attention. We walked over and saw him. The small, but noticeable, lightning strike on his forehead caught my mom’s attention. She picked him up and we knew, he was the one. The lady told us what little she knew: him and his two brothers were found in a ditch located on an Indian Reservation, and he had to be a couple months old.

I had no hope we’d be taking home a dog that day. However, it all seemed to work out very well. He already obtained all of his shots, and the lady told us every dog adopted that day would $14! It was a Valentine’s Day sale! It was fate.

Though he looks like an angel, he was definitely more than we reckoned for. We knew raising a puppy, especially in the first two years, would be a challenge. However, he became a real problem at times. Mia, our golden retriever we had before, didn’t cause any issues like Kody did when she was a puppy. It was a hard adjustment for sure.

Kody is a little over three years old now. And truth be told, the worst of times are gone and he has become the type of dog that my family needs. He acquires a plethora of unique and interesting talents. Ranging from the highest jumper at the dog park to the best couch cuddler ever. He’s known at the dog park for his mind-blowing agility.

Kody and his girlfriend, Quigley. These two can’t get enough of each other.

People love to watch him chase birds, jump for the frisbee, and lead the chase. At home, he’s different. He’s warm, sweet, and overly needy. Above all, he’s extremely protective and loyal. Kody is the perfect example of a dog that would do absolutely anything to protect, and make his family happy.

He’s our family member. Seeing his eyes light up when we come home is such a gift. It’s pure bliss, pure joy. I know we make him happy and I know he makes all of us happy. I am so thankful for Feb. 14, 2014. Thanks to that special day, we gained an amazing addition to our family.

Kody, laying on the kitchen floor after a long morning playing at the dog park.

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