Heard through the grapevine

I said my work regards Nature. It was heard through the grapevine and now I have a governess diligently focused in keeping me on track. Literarily I’m dying to say it is a German governess. But Nature right now is Finnish.

Mankind disappointed me. Ooooh, poor thing. Yes, I’m being sarcatistic. Mankind disappoints, it is not my prerrogative. Mankind also can enlight. I’m taking that on me, for the road. I’ll try to enlight every disappointment that cross my path, even if it is not mine. One small act of random kindness a day. I could die disappointed, I’ll never die bitter.

Prepared to clash any narrative I could’ve constructed, my governess obligates me to take my head of petty problems. A hare crosses the backyard, stops, and looks straight at me. Two bambies, little baby deers, play around each other further more in another area of the backyard. In the frontyard a baby woodpecker allows me to come up to 3 meters close. A flock of crows relentlessly yells at me everytime I feel the need to whine. The moon shows a round face partially hidden among the trees, as tall as the height of human eyes, trying to make an intimate conversation. Sky is blue, sky is white, sky is gray. And nothing, nothing about it has anything to do with me.

Yet, this time, they are talking to me.

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