The land in the end

Combining a scientific approach to an artistic execution seems to be more and more the path I’m running towards. Civilization could be defined as an overcoming of nature — just to be nice and don’t say overruning. It is so imperative we reconsider civilization models that for almost 60 years this thought has been addressed by a certain amount of humanity, although it is still small in numbers, fairly.

How far we are from a supposedly inherent relationship with nature? If a catastrophe hit us and all electronic knowledge breaks down, would we be able to manage nature and life? More specifically, if older people and their wisdom also die along the electronic knowledge, how much could we do with our bare hands and our senses? Would we be able to look at animals as another being, maybe friendly, but never as pet or as opponent?

How naive can this manner of thinking be? Would a regular farmer or hunter or fisherman laugh at me in compliant way? What are the secrets, that are not really secrets, but just subjects we dismissed long time ago?

This investigation process has just began. Well, in fact, it started around four years ago, but it is still very novice. So much to learn. So much to figure out. It is a jump off the cliff, a dive in the abyss. I’m wiiling to take it.

Resilient are the children, the nature and the dearly beloved ones. I want to fit in with those.