Digging In

Careers are funny things. Well, at least mine has been. Anthropology. Education. Horticulture. Community Organizing. Corporate Philanthropy. Public Policy. Tech. Media. Commerce. About the only thing in common among all of the jobs I have had is that I had them. Oh, and they have all been pretty great.

I never pursued a pattern, and if I am being honest I never really pursued a larger plan. Mostly the next role seemed interesting, was a chance to work with smart, interesting people and/or was a chance to learn something new. And they all were paid (mostly) and had benefits (some more so than others).

But now I get it. Now I get where it all comes together. On March 6th I became the CEO of Digg. Yup, Digg. You all know it. Or, you knew it. And if the team and I have anything to say about it you will know it and use it again. Digg is where all roads on the internet lead. Where the new CEO was an Anthropology major with a Master’s in Public Policy who used to run a community gardening program. And where that all makes sense.

Digg is a collection of smart, passionate people that are all as brilliantly quirky as I am, and it is a group I am really excited to be leading. Want to know how Iceland is Stopping Teen Substance Abuse? Digg’s got that. Happen to be a big fan of Samurai Jack? We are too. A fan of minimalist design that is easy to navigate and has the broadest collection of stories you can find anywhere? Yup, Digg.

So come on by.

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