Don’t Let Them Take a Leak On Your Dreams!

I know it sounds strange but the easiest and most convenient people to be around are the ones who will dull your heart, soul and mind. You see there’s no effort required for mediocracy.

The folks I’m speaking about don’t have big dreams of their own and they will discourage you from having them too. Why? Because if you have big dreams they’d have to look at why they don’t. As such, keeping status quo validates their miserable lives.

It’s far more inconvenient to search out and find those who will support you in your dreams. Finding those who have trodden the path you wish to travel, and know how to guide you where to step and where Not to step will require you to put your ego to the side, and few have the courage to do that.

Also, you can be certain that some of your friends/family will tell you: “it cost money to be around those folks” and they are (in most cases) quite right. However, It will cost you a lot more to stay around the dream killers. Wouldn’t a higher quality of life, a higher quality of impact and influence be worth you investing in yourself?

Remember there will always be folks who will tell you they love you, while peeing on your dreams.

Despite what the nay-sayers have to say about ‘it’ being impossible, let me ask you this: Would you be far more likely to reach your potential if you knew that the path to success has been traveled many times? Therefore, doesn’t it make sense to find someone who has gone where you want to go?

However you must know this, the path to fulfillment is uniquely subjective; to reach fulfillment requires you to have fierce boundaries with everyone, but particularly with those who would take a leak in on your dreams while telling you that they love you.

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