Getting Top Talent Fighting to Stay With You

What does it take to be a successful leader in today’s changing business landscape? What does it take to not only keep your top talent but have them fight to be part of your organization?

The fact is everything you’ve been told about leadership over the past 30 years no longer applies. The world has changed and so has everything we know about becoming — and remaining — an effective leader.

I’ve been working with leaders around the world and have had the opportunity to witness these changes first hand. I’ve seen what works and more importantly, I’ve seen what no longer works. Over and over I’ve seen that the single most vital aspect to successful leadership is developing loyalty from those you work with. Not just loyalty, but FIERCE LOYALTY!

The kind of loyalty that means your top talent, your star players would stand up and fight for your organization because it represents something far greater than a job or even a career to them. So the question becomes: how do you develop that kind of loyalty? My main intention in writing my book was to help you do just that in your organization.

That being said, it is worth noting that there are very few books in the category of leadership are about developing loyalty.

In fact, I would go further and say that most leadership books focus on how leaders can manipulate people into being better followers rather than focusing on the real problem — how to become a great leader who creates more loyal leaders. If you are looking for ways to manipulate people into become better followers, this isn’t for you.

The focus here is on how to generate fierce loyalty in your top talent by training them, teaching them, and making it safe for them be authentic, empowered, and empowering leaders by YOU demonstrating that model of leadership for them.

Why? Because that’s how you get your Top Talent fighting to be with your organization.

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