Looking for your life’s purpose…

hanks for stopping by… This is a little longer post about finding your purpose. As I am going to be away for a couple of weeks I wanted to give you something substantial to chew on:

Today I’m excited as I’m getting ready… “Deep” starts tomorrow morning and I know with all certainty that I have no way of knowing who these people will discover they are underneath the mask of their conditioning. What I do know is I’m excited to stay on purpose and let it all unfold.

Just imagine waking up on some beautiful morning in the very near future…

You awaken excited and energized to meet the day. You stay lying down so that you can just soak in the deep gratitude of being able to do what you do on a daily basis.

As the gratitude wells up in your chest a long slow tear leaks out of your closed right eye. There is no sadness; this is a tear of pure gratitude. Your life is so different because you finally did it, you finally said “yes” to your commitment of not only facing your fear but also to continue to face it as it comes up.

You see over the years you got smart enough to realize that even after you commit to something the fear doesn’t go away. In fact, there are times when it intensifies. You think about your first steps into it, and how absolutely terrified you were. Thank goodness there was at least one person you could trust to kick your ass if you wavered, one person who believed in you and what you could do despite what was apparently lacking.