What Are You Hiding From?

Recently some of my peers and myself have been having conversations about privacy or the lack of it when to posting on FaceBook, (even in a group).
 We have come to a simple conclusion, one that was addressed in a recent New York Times article: Privacy is Dead!
 Bottom line, whether we like it or not we are all out there, (just Google your name)

I have thought long and hard about this, (I was anti-social media at first too).
 My conclusion is this: We live in a society that is polar in many ways. On one side we have the Jerry Springer kind of trailer trash self-exposure, and on the other, there is the shutdown, repressed, fake a smile and pretend everything is “fine” group. In truth, we are still free to choose to NOT live at either end of that spectrum.

What I have come to love about social media is that if we use it well and with discernment, it can call us to actually stand in our truth.

To say the things that we believe, and not hide our real feelings. Bottom line is that if you are ashamed of people knowing something that you feel…You are carrying that shame into everything you think, do and say. And maybe its time to come out of the closet and give up that shame.

Do you really want to operate in your life feeling like you need to edit everything for the approval rating of others? EG: Your ex, your mother-in-law, an old school friend or for that matter anyone else.

All that being said, I do realize some folks will be upset at reading this, and I have got to tell you that, that’s okay. Not because I don’t care, actually its because I do care, that is, about those people who are committed to their growth and authentic transparency is part of that.

As I see it telling your truth is a great filter to find out who your real friends are and maybe, just maybe it is NOT the tons of names accumulated in your friends list on a social media group.

“One of the great parasites of your life is your need for approval.” ~ Dõv Baron

I trust that you found this article valuable. If so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments.