Yin Yang Authentic Leadership

Authentic Leadership for the Soul Driven Entrepreneur… When everything is NOT enough

Yin Yang Authentic Leadership

Over the next period of time I am going to invite you to take a journey with me from the old world of leadership, into a very new world of leadership.

We’re not talking about leadership as you have known it, but rather a distinct drilling down into the very soul of Authentic Leadership.

Let’s begin this journey with the word that can have so many meanings. This word often has a different range of means for those who hold the position, and for those who are guided by ones in the position. The word we must examine of course is Leadership.

When you think of leadership what comes up for you? Is it something you are comfortable or uncomfortable with? I ask you this because as we move forward in this ever changing world, leading others will likely be required for all of us in some form or another. That means that those who never expected to lead may discover that leadership is something they must step into.

When you think of leadership, do you immediately think of the leader of a nation, a corporation, an organization? Maybe you think more locally; being the leader of your community, or your Y.E.O. or Y.P.O group or even your parent-teacher group?

The dictionary definition of Leadership is: The position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group.

However, what may be worth considering is this; is the person who “directs the group” always the one with the title leader?

If so, is that person the one who is best suited to lead? I would suggest that is often not the case.

Even in the best of times, leadership quite naturally comes with its own set of challenges. Those challenges are always intensified during challenging times. We are seeing this today, where we are at the opening to arguably one of the most challenging times in recent history.

Here at the brink, there is and will continue to be a unique set of stressors facing organizations, corporations, nations of the world and more importantly you and I. I say more importantly “you and I” because it seems to me that leadership in its present form is failing. As a result many who never desired a leadership position are being required to step up.

The world we live in today, I believe calls for a renewed focus on what characterizes not only genuine but Authentic Leadership. It seems that whether it be public, private and for that matter even volunteer organizations, the question of leadership is being brought to the fore. We are all being forced to address challenges that run the gamut from cutbacks and downsizing to bailouts and corporate corruption and the personal and professional impact of such things on each of us and the lives of those we interact with.

Leadership for many meant “bottom Line” and the rampant greed that ruled the last half of the nineteen nineties and the first half decade of the new millennium has fostered what many believe to be an ethical meltdown. This is all fueled by a fear mongering media who feed us a fast diet of potential terrorism and economic turmoil.

In that time we have seen leadership look like something resembling an adolescent tantrum; “I’m in charge, I don’t care what anyone else wants and you better be on my side”. There was massive action and some would even call; courage. However, this form of leadership often has a severe lack of intelligent consideration of it’s impact on others.

We have also seen leadership that looked well thought out, articulately delivering big promises that raised hope in those who had turned their back on the system. Sadly, this form of leadership has left many hugely disappointed as promises were broken due to what appears to be a lack of courage.

Both forms are egoic in nature. One driven to be bigger more powerful than anyone else, the other driven by the egoic need to be liked and approved of by all.

It seems clear; a new form of leadership needs to emerge. I am calling this new form:

“Yin Yang Authentic Leadership”.

Yin-Yang being the balance between any two sides, understanding that there is value in both, and there is a constant state of motion between these two sides. In reference to the above mentioned, two types of leadership that we have seen over the last decade or so, that would be the balance between Intelligence and Courage.

That being said, please understand this is a many faceted discussion that will have personal, political and professional implications. It is my goal throughout this series to deeply examine what leadership needs to become if we are to move through the times we are in and and come out on the other side not just surviving, but thriving.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you…

I trust that you found this article valuable. If so feel free to send this to your friends. I eagerly anticipate your feedback and comments.