On Community & Community “Leadership”

Hands coming together to form a heart with red paint. Photo credit goes to Tim Marshall.

This is the reality of community work. It is unpaid emotional labor. It is a risky, sometimes downright dangerous exercise. It rarely, if not at all, translates into any real form of compensation, be it in terms of friendships or allies gained, respect earned, games/supplements/services bought.


Defining Boundaries

Acting On Principles

Consulting Actual Experts

Defining What Constitutes A Zero Tolerance Response For You

Asking For Help

Have Their Backs

Recognize your own power & accountability

Once More, on “Good Faith” and “Good Intent”

Uplift, Uplift, Uplift!



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Pam Punzalan

Pam Punzalan

Indie game designer, community point person for PTRPGs & RPGSEA, blogger, editor, broker. Pan x poly, perpetually angry. Accepts tribute in cats, whiskey, cigs.