What the Heck Is A Warbonnet Outdoors Black Bird Hammock?

The warbonnet outdoors black bird hammock is the only hammock I own at this current time. It has an integrated bug net to keep bug off you. A built-in shelf storage pocket for when you are laying in the hammock. The dimensions of the hammock body are roughly 120″x 63″, with an overall length of 101″ from end to end (ridge line length), this gives you 15–16 inches of tarp overlap at each end of the hammock if using an eleven foot tarp. The Blackbird is rated for a user up to 6’0″. I bought the double layer hammock with the thinking I might use a pad. Well I haven’t used a pad with it and I jumped right to using an under quilt.

After being used a few times in the woods and in the backyard, it has a comfortable lay for me. It is set up for you to lay on your left side. When i bought it I didn’t take this into account. I sleep on my right side when I’m in bed. So for me if I try to sleep on my right side you get a couch effect. What I mean by that is, if you have ever tried to fall asleep on your own couch and you roll over to face the back of it. You feel your breath bouncing back at you.

What is nice about the integrated bug net is it goes up over the ridge line so it’s off your face. You can roll it back out-of-the-way but can’t fully take it off and leave it home. It comes with its own bag for storage but it’s not a compression bag to make it even smaller. You can order it with whoopies with tree straps or an adjustable webbing suspension. I chose the adjustable webbing suspension thinking it would be easier setup. It also has elastic side guy-lines to you stable and to stop the rocking. The also open the hammock up a bit to give you a better lay.

Overall it is a good starting hammock for myself. If I bought it again I would make sure it had a right side lay versus a left side. Also I would have bought the single layer. I didn’t think that I would get an under quilt that soon. If you would like more information on blackbird or to buy on head on over to: https://www.warbonnetoutdoors.com/product/blackbird/





Originally published at Down And Dirty Info.